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 Dear fellow vegans and all those who support our community,
as you probably have already noticed I have been quite absent from the blog. Let me introduce you with my current project aka the reason behind my disappearance!
I bet most will agree that you cannot love anything or anyone until you actually truly and fully love and accept YOU. I know, it´s easier said than done, but let me share my secret how I managed to achieve it. 
For a long time I didn´t feel like myself and couldn´t figure out how to shake such feeling. In only one year I lost so much (close relatives, job, my dreams) that life seemed to be pointless. It felt as if I was carrying whole world problems on my shoulders and soon it led to anxiety attacks, insomnia and self harming (cigarettes, alcohol, overeating, etc). 
I knew such self soothing was not a long term solution so I decided to get out of the pool of self pity and put my life back together. Actually, to create a new, different life from all those broken pieces. 
When one sunny spring afternoon I came across a quote "You are what you eat", I realized that I´ll never reach an awakening or fulfilment if I continue to harm others in order to satisfy my needs.  Once I became vegan, I discovered new depths of love. Not just for animals or people around me, but most importantly - love for myself. Soon after I got rid of all bad habits and my body, slowly but surely, started to heal. 
My soul, though, was still in a search mode. Looking for it´s purpose, for inner peace. That´s when I rediscovered my childhood hobbies (drawing, reading and writting) thinking it might make me happy just as it did when I was a kid. Boy, was this the best decision ever! 
I completely emerged myself into it and pretty soon noticed that my anxiety is slowly but surely going away, I feel more calm, safe and at peace. I was fine with whatever happened around, because I knew - AS LONG AS I HAVE MYSELF - I can survive it all. 
I was so thrilled to discover the magic behind drawing, I decided to share it with the world. I know it´s nothing new, art therapy is known for a long time, but if my way of including it into your daily life will lift up at least one soul - I will be as happy as a clam. 
I created a book where self-love affirmations are combined with a soothing and calming art therapy.
It is well known that mandalas (meaning "circles" in Sanskrit) are commonly used for meditation and spiritual healing for both adults and children. 
Mandalas reduce level of stress, lower the blood pressure and can even ease depression! Through daily use of these self-love affirmations, you can bring lots of positivity into your life. Such as joy, love, happiness, confidence and much more. It can help you build your self-esteem, deepen your relationship not juts with yourself but also with others, release negativity and welcome in compassion. 
In this coloring book you will find 52 different affirmations and mandalas for each week of the year. Repeat those affirmations as you are coloring mandalas and let love flow through you. 
You won´t believe how much your life can change in a year!

Are you ready to start loving yourself more?

P.S. both kindle ebook and paperback is available. 

One Love beautiful people!


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