Vegan Easter

 As Easter is approaching and I bet many new vegans feel a bit lost how to celebrate this holiday. I know I was! To be honest, I was even planning to skip celebrating Easter whatsoever because ever since I was a little kid, to me Easter associated with eggs. Not just eating them in many different forms but we also had so many games that included eggs (eggshell strength competition, egg bowling game and etc) not to mention the tradition of a whole family gathering together a night before Easter to color and decorate eggs


As I became vegan, I thought there is not much I can do to replace all those traditions and felt sad that I had to give them up and will not be able to share such traditions with my future kids. It might sound crazy but I felt some kind of loss.. 

But then, one sunny morning, as I went for a walk in a park nearby, I looked around and noticed so many things we could be celebrating during Easter. It is a celebration of life after all, isn`t it? Celebration of nature waking up from a deep winter sleep! Circle of life! Eggs were (and unfortunately still is) a symbol of exactly that to many but it is not the only thing that could symbolize an awakening. 


To me, the symbol of an awakening, is flowers. Yellow flowers in particular because I associate them with a joy, cheer and happiness that sun brings into our lives, as well as a positive energy. So I always make sure my yellow spring flowers are blooming around Easter time (plus it is a great Easter table decoration).

As a symbol of circle of life I make sure to have some wooden eggs that can be decorated just like a real egg (you can reuse them too) and I can continue the tradition of all the Easter egg games in my own vegan family. 

Moreover, what comes to Easter brunch recipes, I make sure to cook and garnish my dishes with lots of fresh herbs straight from my balcony garden. 

My favorite vegan Easter recipes:

  1. Lemon pepper cauliflower steaks
  2. Vegan cinnamon rolls
  3. Crispy garlic smashed baby potatoes
  4. Balsamic garlic grilled mushroom skewers 
  5. Lime and vanilla vegan cheesecake
  6. Eggless asparagus quiche 
  7. Tomato pumpkin seed pesto toasts
  8. Green spring salad 
  9. Creamy edamame and avocado hummus 
  10. Vegan deviled potato bites 
  11. Vegan meatloaf 
  12. No knead vegan focaccia 
Here is another tradition we follow in our family - to have 12 dishes on the Easter (and Christmas) table as it represents all 12 months of the year. It is believed that if you try all 12 dishes upcoming year will be nourishing, you will have good health and many great opportunities. 


However you decide to celebrate Easter, do not forget true meaning behind this holiday - we celebrate an awakening of nature and a circle of life. 

Happy upcoming Easter everybody! What this holiday means to you?

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