Save the ocean!

 Excessive energy consumption, endless fishing, ocean pollution - these are just few things that put our oceans and its aquatic animals in danger. Usually it is overlooked as people do not notice (or choose to ignore) the damage that is already done to the marine life: coral reefs declined by 40%, West Antarctic ice sheet is melting which causes the water level to increase, many aquatic species are on the edge of extinction and much much more. 


What can you do to help save the ocean?

  1. Go vegan! Commercial fishing is doing a huge damage to marine environments. Every day, people drag tons of fish, crustaceans and other unfortunate aquatic animals that get into the nets by accident and die (f.e. dolphins, whales, turtles, seals). 
  2. Reduce use of chemicals! Harmful chemicals from cleaning products, cosmetics and other - end up in our oceans and are extremely difficult to remove from it. 
  3. Avoid plastic products as much as possible! It takes approximately 450 years for plastic to decompose! Plastics that end up in the oceans contribute to deaths of thousands marine animals each year (their natural habitats are being destroyed, animals get entangled in plastic debris or choke on it and die). Please make sure to recycle, use material bags for shopping, carry reusable water bottles as it helps to reduce plastic debris in our environment.

  4. Do not litter! Would you throw trash around in your own home? Probably, not. Respect yourself and others and make sure to clean up after yourself whenever you are enjoying Mother Nature, because it is our home! If you see some trash lying around - please pick them up. 
  5. Reduce your consumption of fuel! High levels of fuel consumption contribute significantly towards the increase of oceanic surface temperatures and as it is full of toxins it kills marine life when mishandled. 
  6. Stop fishing! Maybe it would be a great time to find some other hobby rather than killing other live creatures? You can spend time in nature without fish having to loose their life. And no, catching - releasing game is not good enough. When fish is being taken out of water it suffers great pain as it´s organs are not build to stay above water. Another reason - often hooks leave deep wounds and fish eventually die.
  7. Reduce your carbon footprint! In addition to going vegan you can reduce it by choosing to ride a bike, walk or use public transportation instead of driving a car. Do not overheat your home during winter months, save electricity. It all is very important as greenhouse gas is making our oceans more acidic.

  8. Say NO to items that exploit marine life! Stop purchasing jewelry made from coral or shark teeth, perls, tortoiseshell hair accessories and similar. 
  9. Educate yourself and others as much as possible! The more people will know and be aware of the issues our ocean is facing - the bigger impact we can make! So find your unique way of enlightening those around you - either through social media, by joining volunteering groups or simply sharing this important info with your friends and relatives over some delicious vegan cookies
  10. "People protect what they love." - Jacques Yves Cousteau. 

The Vegan Society is ready to welcome you!💚


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