Dear fellow vegans,

this post will be a bit different than previous ones. This time I will not share facts or recipes or tips and tricks. I want to talk about losses that occur in your life as you become a vegan. I cannot and I will not say it happens to everybody or how to avoid it or give you a recipe how to cut toxic people out of your life gracefully. I will simply share my own experience and feelings and maybe you will recognize a piece of yourself in it and will not feel as lonely.

Most of "freshly-baked" vegans experience whirlwind of emotions - everything is new to them. Its a bit like being a kid all over again: you have to learn how to prep and cook new ingredients, recipes; you have to make reading food labels a habit; most likely you change your daily routines as well (choosing a cafe that offers vegan cafe latte or vegan sandwich) and tons of other things. 


If you truly know why are you choosing vegan lifestyle and its not just because its trendy on Instagram, all of these permanent changes will not be hard for you. And as the time goes by and you start noticing all the health benefits you receive as a "thank you gift" from Mother Nature - you become hooked and nobody can even start convincing you to go back to your old non-vegan self.

Such a big and, in my opinion, honorable change will not go unnoticed by your family and friends, co-workers. As I was and still am super happy for reaching an awakening and getting out of meat eaters club, not everybody will think the same and be happy for you. Trust me, they all will start asking why and how and for how long you will "be this way" and etc. And you know why people bombard you with all these questions? Some from curiosity, others because you become inconvenient for them and their lifestyle. Suddenly you do not want to participate in their BBQ parties or if you do, you do not want to "try their grandmas recipe for marinating meat" and all those stupid comments like "come on, one piece wont hurt you" (yeah it might not hurt me, but the baby cow is already dead, duh) will start annoy you to the point where you will find more joy and peace in your own company or start looking for some vegan friends who understand you. 


I was really suffering trying to keep a balance between my vegan lifestyle and my omnivore friends and family members. As a vegan you are an empath, you want people to experience the same level of peace and happiness and after all - for your loved ones to be healthy and live as long as possible, so you try to talk to them about veganism, what it is, what it stands for, introduce them to vegan recipes, cook for them and kindly try to prove your point. Oh, if only it was this easy to change omnivores minds! 

Unfortunately, most of the time you will be laughed at, made fun of, named that "hippie vegan friend" and put in awkward positions (I was cooking whole day, respect my time and effort - you gotta try this piece of meat wrapped in more meat). And, as a conscious, emphatic vegan you are kind of expected to take it all in with a smile and try to be the least inconvenient to your loved ones because it is your choice to be vegan not theirs. 

Trust me, I tried to live this way and let me tell you - I almost lost my mind! I felt like I am being thorn in between two worlds - my world before awakening aka becoming vegan and my world after. Thats when I decided - enough is enough. You cannot make everybody happy! And why should you even try?! YOU! You are the most important person in your life! Care for your happiness and protect your beliefs! 



Not everybody is going to support you in everything you do. Sometimes people stay around just because you are comfortable and convenient to them. It is easy to love someone who does not challenge your beliefs, your lifestyle, your food or clothing choices. It is easy to be friends with a "Yes" sayer. And most of humans choose simple and easy. This is why once you start challenging them to go out of their comfort zone they kick and scream and suddenly you become a bad friend or bad brother/sister/grandchild, etc. 

Please, I beg you, do not sacrifice your peace to satisfy others! As much as it hurts to let some people go - it is hugely important for your mental health! Do not feel guilty or bad. Its life. We all, just like flowers, grow in different directions and in different pace. Theres nothing wrong in admitting to yourself that you had outgrown those close to you. If they do not want to hold your hand, meet you in the middle and grow together - you have no other choice but to let it go. You cannot slow down your own growth or stay stagnant just to keep somebody in your life. If they really want to be around you - you will feel their support in every step you choose to take. 


Do not get me wrong, I am not saying you have to cut off all of those around you that do not switch to vegan diet. No! Simple support, understandment, willingness to listen and adjust goes a long way. 

You are doing an amazing job! You are an empath who cares for all live beings and choose love and peace. 



One Love,

Made By Vegan


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