"Your first day as a vegan" meal plan

Going vegan might be intimidating. That comes with no surprise - it is always scary to go out of your comfort zone. Changing your diet means changing your daily routines, your shopping list, the places you visit and much more. 


In order to help those, who are new to veganism, I have created a full one day healthy vegan meal plan with several options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks. 

 All big journeys in life start with one step! So lets start your journey as a vegan with day one! 



One of the easiest and fastest breakfast you can make as a vegan is overnight oats. I enjoy the fact that I can mix it up based on my food preferences or what I have in my pantry that day. It is a delicious and healthy breakfast option for the days when you want to sleep in a bit instead of making breakfast. 

If you are like me and you do not like regular oatmeal porridges, I have a great option for you - baked oatmeal. You will not believe what a huge regular oatmeal upgrade it is! It is so good both warm and cold, that sometimes I make it as a dessert for my guests (baked apple oatmeal goes amazingly well with some homemade vegan ice cream). 


I love taking my lunch to work. And not just because it is healthy and I know exactly what I am eating - it also saves you quite a lot of money! Since I cook my lunch in advance I look for meals that are tasty not just while warm but cold as well. 

Vegan zucchini corn fritters is my newest addiction! It is not only easy to make, it tastes amazing and is easy to transport. Another big hit is vegetable pasta salad - probably one of the most versatile recipes ever! You can literally throw in whatever veggies you prefer or currently have in your fridge and you are good to go! 


For the days when I cook my lunch at home, I love to make vegan chickpea curry. This recipe is  great for cold winter days, when you want some comfort food and it does not take more than 30 minutes to make (hint - you can cook it for dinner on weekdays).


If you are a type of person who does not like to spend a lot of time cooking or if you are a super busy person who simply does not have time for that, I have a solution for you - peanut noodles. It will not require too much effort and will definitely satisfy your taste buds! 

If you suffer from peanut allergy - no worries, I have you covered! Sweet potato chili will not only warm your body but your soul too! I do not know if there is a link between me going vegan and me starting eating lots of spicy food, but I love it! 


Another great option for a quick healthy vegan dinner - veggie kabobs. You can switch up ingredients as you wish and if you add vegan aioli or vegan tzatziki - your kebobs will reach another dimension of deliciousness! 



I barely use sugar in my kitchen. First of all, it basically does not contain nutrients which means my body does not really need it. Another big thing why I choose not to bake with sugar - it causes my skin to breakout. Plus all other things sugar does to your body...


When I came around vegan sugarless chocolate cake recipe, I could not believe the cake contained no sugar! It is so good, that it became our family´s favorite. Another great vegan sweet treat - chunky monkey cookies! And, yes, they are sugarless too! 

Snack Attack 

As I have mentioned before, veganism introduced me to chickpeas and let me tell you - it was love at the first sight! So no surprise that my favorite and super healthy snack-to-go is chili-lime roasted chickpeas! They are so good, it is hard to stop snacking sometimes! Great thing is that you can come up with many different spice variations and find your favorite (BBQ, Salt&Vinegar, Garlic, etc). 

Besides simply grabbing some fruit for a snack, you can also try my newest discovery - seaweed crisps! I love the texture and its unique taste! In some countries it might be a bit overpriced snack, so why not to try to make your own sometimes?

I hope these recipes will help you to go through your first day as a vegan and encourage you to go on!
Good start is already half the job!

The Vegan Society is ready to welcome you! 💚


  1. I really enjoyed reading your article. I realized that eating Vegan Food as well as using science made things can be very beneficial.

    1. Thank you so much! I highly appreciate it! :)

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