Sustainability Matters!

Sustainable lifestyle - is a choice to replace what you use and consume to the best of your ability in order to reduce your demand for natural resources. Sometimes it means changing your daily routines and how you do things so you become an active part of life cycle and other times that can mean consuming only those products that were made in a sustainable way (clothes, food products, appliances, etc.).


I believe most of us know that global warming and climate change are real and has a devastating impact on our Mother Earth and all living creatures, including us, humans. So we must take action and adopt sustainable lifestyle in order to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on environment. 

10 actions towards sustainable lifestyle:

    Go vegan! By cutting meat and dairy products out of your diet you could reduce your carbon footprint from food by up to 73%, researchers at the University of Oxford found. If people went  vegan it would also result in a significant drop of greenhouse gas emissions and recover wild land lost to agriculture (one of the main causes of wildlife extinction). 
  2. Instead of buying pets from a breeder - adopt them. There are way too many orphaned pets out there waiting to be a part of a loving family.
  3. Start reading books from a library instead of purchasing them every time. Better yet, read electronic books. Same applies to the newspapers and magazines - read them online instead of purchasing paper copies.
  4. Do not fall for advertisements and instead of buying new devices, get your old ones fixed. If you can not fix them - buy second hand ones or if that is not an option - buy new energy-efficient devices.
  5. Save water! Turn off water while you are brushing your teeth, shampoo or condition your hair, shave and etc. You can also try saving rain water - it is great for watering your indoor plants. Use a dishwasher instead of hand-washing your dishes, it saves lots of water every day! 
  6. Choose sustainable fashion and avoid the fast-pace one! Go for second-hand clothes, shoes and accessories and minimize your closet. You would be surprised how many different styles you can create with small amount good quality clothes! Learn how to transform 
  7. Stop using plastic bags. Instead while shopping use your own bags made from sustainable material or at least try to reuse the plastic ones you already have. Choose paper or carton packaged goods instead of the ones wrapped in plastic.
  8. Spend more time in nature! Try to walk or use bicycle for shorter distances instead of driving a car and, if possible, use public transportation and ditch the private car whatsoever. If you can not live without a car - opt for an electric one.
  9. Try to use the least electricity possible: turn of all your devices at night, collect as much laundry as you can and do laundry more efficiently, ditch the dryer and hang your clothes to let them dry naturally, open your curtains or blinds during the day time to collect as much natural sunlight and warmth as possible and etc.
  10. Start recycling and composting! 

Each of us can implement these simple steps into our daily routines and by doing so play big our part in saving our planet! Lets leave it better than we found it! 

The Vegan Society is ready to welcome you!💚


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