Is your future vegan?

Is your future vegan?


Now, more than ever, people are turning to a vegan diet. Veganism is not just a diet though. Most often, it is a lifestyle change and a commitment to support and promote the well-being of all animals.

With the growing number of vegans, for example, in Britain from 2014 to 2019 this number has quadrupled, it is worth delving into the facts why veganism is conquering the world so rapidly. 

What do vegans eat?

I believe it is impossible to find a person who have not had heard about vegetarian diet which promotes no meat or fish consumption. Vegans are taking a step further - they are giving up all animal products. 

 The vegan diet consists of the following foods:

Legumes (peas, lentils, beans, etc.)

Vegetables and fruits

Seeds and nuts

Plant based dairy products (soy, oat, almond milk and more)

Plant-based oils

Rice, pasta, bread and much more. 

 Vegans do not consume animal products, such as:

Red meat (beef, lamb, etc.)

Poultry (chicken, turkey, duck, etc.)

Fish and crustaceans (mussels, molluscs, crabs, etc.)



Dairy products (cheese, butter, ice cream, etc.)


Probably you will hardly find a vegan who never got asked - what benefits can such a strict diet have? Read on to find out all the pros and cons.

Benefits of a vegan diet

Less health problems

The vegan diet is almost free of cholesterol or saturated fats. Thus, those who choose veganism can avoid the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, high blood cholesterol and more. Vegans are also less commonly associated with type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. However, be sure to consult a doctor before immersing yourself in veganism.

Abundance of antioxidants

In the vegan diet you will find foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and more. Antioxidants are important because it can help to protect your cells from free radicals in the environment.

Humane way of life

Often, people choose this lifestyle not only for better health, but also because of love for animals and concern for the environment - support sustainable agriculture, seek to reduce the carbon footprint, which is closely linked to the development of animal husbandry.

A more varied diet

While not all of the health benefits of a vegan diet are scientifically proven, one, perhaps the main benefit, we can’t miss. Its the large amounts of plant-based products in the daily diet, which have been shown to enhance health.

By changing your eating habits, you will discover a lot of previously unused food products, as well as recipes that will enrich your palette of tastes

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Disadvantages of veganism

You might suffer from micronutrient deficiencies if you are not careful 

Before choosing a vegan diet, you need to know that you will most likely need to put more effort into getting all the nutrients your body needs. At least in the beginning until you will learn more about vegan diet.

 When changing your eating habits, you need to be careful to ensure that you get enough iron, zinc, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D and B12.

Deficiency of these elements in the body can weaken the immune system, increase the risk of bone fractures, cause high blood pressure, rashes or fatigue. 

You MUST read food labels

This is especially important for new vegans. At first glance, some foods may look vegan, but they may contain ingredients of animal origin. For example, some baked products may contain milk proteins, and so on. Beware of over-processed vegan meat substitutes that may contain sodium or preservatives in their packaging. 

Vegan fast food

It’s the same fast food, only without meat or with vegan meat alternatives: vegan pizzas, burgers, potato chips, soy sausages, and so on. Such foods satisfy your cravings only for a short amount of time and do not provide your body with any beneficial nutrients. Keep in mind, just because it’s a plant based fast food it doesn’t mean it’s healthier. 


 Before choosing a new, vegan lifestyle, you should consult with your doctor or dietitian to find out if, given your current state of health, this is the best choice for you.

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