Is vegan diet a key to the perfect skin?

Have you ever wondered how much the food that we choose to consume affect our bodies and, in particular, our skin? Apparently - a lot! So lets take a look in how vegan diet influences beauty of our skin and find out what positive and negative impacts such diet might have.


Why vegan diet is good for your skin?

No dairy

First of all, vegans do not consume dairy products that are linked to appearance of acne. Most researchers agree that it is because of all those artificial hormones that dairy cows are treated with. Such hormones are most likely to throw your own hormones off and it causes acne.

Some researchers suggest that it is because of natural growth hormones that are already in cows milk since it originally is a food for their babies. When humans consume cows milk they ingest milk proteins such as whey and casein which are linked to breakouts.

There is another study which shows that skimmed milk is even worse when it comes to acne and is most likely to trigger it.

Lactose is the natural sugar that is present in dairy products. Most of people (an estimated 70-75% of the world´s population is lactose intolerant) have a difficulty to digest lactose. So, next time you wonder why you keep on having breakouts, consult your doctor and make sure that acne is not a result of lactose sensitivity or allergic reaction.


P.S. Do not forget all the artificial hormones that are found in meat!

More fruits and veggies

Going vegan might significantly improve the complexion of your skin because healthy vegan diet is filled with all kinds of fruits and vegetables - natural antioxidants.

Several skin care professionals state that veganism helps to improve the texture of the skin, get rid of face bloating as well as brighten the complexity. It might happen because people, who transition into vegan diet, usually start living healthier lifestyle overall - they start exercising, quit bad habits such as smoking, spend more time in nature, drink more water, improve their skin hygiene and etc.


Vegan skin care products

If you are familiar with vegan lifestyle, you know that it is not just what we eat but what products we use incorporate into our daily routines. Same goes for vegan skin care products

Vegans choose natural and safe skin care products that are made out of high quality, pure ingredients and are cruelty free. A combination of natural antioxidants, different minerals and vitamins as well as botanical extracts helps to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. 

Generally, vegan skin care products, unlike regular commercial ones, contain only organic and natural ingredients that are gentle on our skin and does not have any harsh artificial chemical ingredients that might irritate your skin and lead to breakouts.

What negative impacts can vegan diet have on your skin?

Deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins

No matter what diet are you on, you have to be careful and make sure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. Even if you are vegan, if your diet is poor (f.e. no fruits, veggies, seeds or nuts) your skin complexion might suffer

Decreasing the variety of foods you eat causes limited amount of minerals and vitamins in your body and such deficiencies can cause dark circles under your eyes, dull and pale skin tone, brittle hair and nails. And it is not the result we seek, right?

Make sure to check out our article about "Nutrients that vegans might lack" to find out more about different vitamins and minerals you, as a vegan, might have deficiency of, how its affects our bodies and what can you do to prevent it.



Even though it is vegan, consumption of sugar decreases all the vegan diet benefits. Not only that - high sugar consumption causes inflammatory, blood-sugar-spiking processes that are linked to cause acne. 

Simple carbohydrates (such as white bread, cookies and other processed foods) are scientifically proven to increase blood sugar levels as well. Once we consume excess amount of sugar, our bodies produce hormone insulin which eventually leads to increased inflammation which is a big acne causing factor. 


Healthy vegan diet can help significantly improve the condition of your skin. But - you have to make sure that your diet is varied and your body is not missing any vitamins or minerals. Moreover, take care of your body as it is your temple - make sure you drink lots of water, live active lifestyle, spend more time in nature - and your body will thank you by giving you not only beautiful skin but much much more!

The vegan society is ready to welcome you!💚


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