Do your taste buds change after going vegan?

Most of vegans notice significant changes in their overall well-being, energy levels, even positive mental health changes and much more. But what about the taste buds? 


From my personal experience after going vegan, I have noticed significant changes in how some of my taste buds react to certain foods. For example, I have never liked olives (black, green, marinated - neither one). Also, I have always stayed away from spicy foods. And now I can barely go a single day without having olives or putting some chili sauce on my meals. 

So lets investigate if this is just a coincidence or there is some solid explanation for it. 

The changes your taste buds go through

(while on a vegan diet)

  • There is evidence that even if you go a few weeks without animal products that are high in salt, fat and sugar, your tastes start to change and the sensitivity of taste buds for fat can change too.

  • It is proven that your tastes buds evolve and develop so it gets easier to control your cravings. If you choose proper, healthy vegan diet you will not be consuming as much sugar or processed foods anymore (no more blood sugar spikes and crashes). Eventually your body adjusts and does not require sugar as much. Some sugary foods that you enjoyed before might even seem too sweet for you after following healthy vegan diet for awhile. 
  • Many new vegans after awhile report needing less coffee to go through the day than before. Unfortunately, there are no studies that link higher energy levels with vegan diet but as we overall eat healthier diet full of vitamins and minerals, we do not feel as sleepy after each meal as omnivores. Their bodies need to work much harder to digest all the meat and dairy which causes lack of energy. 
  • Omnivores diet is, basically, chemically reproducing inflammation in your whole body and shortens the lifespan of taste bud cells which lowers persons ability to taste. When you start eliminating animal products from your diet and eating more vegetables and fruits, the inflammation in your body tends to decrease and some of the lost taste senses come back. 

  • Did you know that positive internal changes after going vegan are noticeable within 24 hours?! Your gut health (starting from the mouth and ending at the anus) plays a key point here. The healthier your gut is, the healthier your tastes buds are and the more sensitive it becomes to different foods that "tasted like nothing" before.
  • You will notice a significant change in your taste senses the very first moth after transitioning to vegan diet. And it will continue to change and develop as time goes by. You will start noticing that the foods you have loved before are not as appealing anymore. For example, before I changed my lifestyle I loved seafood. And I really thought I would miss it terribly while on a vegan diet. Let me tell you - now the smell of seafood does not make my belly rumble at all. But just a simple thought of a crispy seaweed makes me want to grab my coat and run to the store! 



Trust me, I know change can be scary. But you have to agree that it is quite amazing that your food preferences, cravings and the sensitivity of your taste buds can change together with the diet you choose! I encourage you to try vegan diet and discover all those new tastes! I can guarantee you - it is definitely worth it !

 The Vegan Society is ready to welcome you! 💚


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