Benefits of having a plant in your home

Probably it would be difficult to find a house that does not have some type of plant in it. Even if it is an easy-to-take-care-of cactus. There is something special about plants - they calm and soothe people. What other benefits plant owners notice? Apparently there are plenty but lets dig into main five.


Improved productivity

Productivity is very important for most and, especially, for those who work from home. It is proven that in order to create a productive workspace, it must contain plants and pictures or decorations that remind you of your goals and motivate you.

Plants are much needed because it has significant benefits to our mental health. Researchers found that working in the space that contains plants could reduce both physiological and psychological stress. You will feel less anxious and less stressed. Plants also help to boost focus and mental clarity which makes it easier to handle the tasks ahead. It is proven that attentiveness is increased by 70% due to the plants in the home.


Increased sense of empathy 

As you get a plant and start taking care of it, you get a sense of compassion. Suddenly, there is something else in the house that depends on you and needs your care to survive. That is how you start feeling empathy towards the plants and it can lead to a sense of compassion and empathy towards all other live beings, including other people in your life.

Royal Horticultural Society found that talking to plants help to improve their growth and builds a connection between the owner and the plant which is extremely important for introverts, lonely people and those who are housebound (f.e. current Covid-19 situation). 


Increased humidity in your home

Good news for plant lovers - as they release most of the water they take in - it helps to improve air quality and your health. Around 60% of human adult body is water so it comes with no surprise that dry air can irritate lungs and lead to problems such as overheat or dry mouth. Plants help us to prevent it. Plus it saves money since you do not have to buy humidifier and pay extra for electricity it uses. 

Plants do not just release water into the air but it also soaks in some of the excess moisture to use later so they are perfect way to keep comfortable humidity levels in the living spaces.


Improved immune system

Plants contain phytoncides and other airborne chemicals which help to reduce the amount of stress you feel throughout the day. And when you feel less stressed, your immune system gets a natural boost and helps to fight all the viruses and bacteria even better. 

Moreover, plants tackle around 87% of the pollutants in the air and almost instantly rectify the balance and leaving the air safer and healthier for you to breath. It helps to remove even such chemicals as formaldehyde and benzene (both been known to cause cancer).

The study made in Norway found that illnesses drop by 60% through the use of plants inside the home. Another reason to get a plant - they have shown positive results in helping patients recover faster. That is why most hospitals worldwide allow patients to have plants by their bedsides. Of course, it is not affective with all known illnesses but it is definitely worth investing in. 


Benefits for mental health

Researchers in the United Kingdom found that people who live surrounded by nature feel happier than those who do not. It does not mean that you have to quit big city life and move to the countryside in order to be healthy and happy - you can simply increase the amount of greenery in your current home. It will also help you to feel less boxed in. 

Moreover, plants release oxygen into the air and take up the carbon dioxide. The more oxygen your body has, the more effectively it works: your brain feels less cloudy and fatigued (inner connections are improved) and your body release the right types and right amount of hormones that help to support mental health.

Finally, we can not forget the scent and its ability to help with the mental health. For example, the smell of lavender is known to make you feel calm and relaxed, less anxious. Such smells help positive chemicals to be released from the brain. 



Lets be honest - are there any big disadvantages of having plants in the home besides having to invest some time to take care of them? Well, as a girl that grew up on a farm with lots of greenery, I can not come up with any. If you come across some information why having plants at home is not good for you - please share with me. 

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