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Why vegans do not visit zoos?

2020 and 2021 were not and still are not easy for most of us. So many of our rights that we enjoyed (and often took for granted) on a daily basis were taken away. We had no freedom to have a laugh with a friend over morning coffee , to hug our grandparents or spend quality time with our families in general. I, personally, often felt as if I was in prison... This whole situation really sucks, doesn´t it? I know many of us, positivity seekers, this challenging time brought back to what matters most. I want to hope that we started appreciating small moments because EVERY MOMENT ALIVE IS A GIFT!  Once situation becomes more or less controllable we all will be able to go back to our daily routines. We will be able to meet with friends, travel , hug our loved ones as tight as we wish and so on and so forth.  Have you ever thought that zoo animals feel the same way as we did during these long self-isolation months? The difference is that we eventually will be free again, but they do not sta

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